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Hapeville Butterfly Tour
A butterfly dream
Discover the unique, special and hidden butterfly art installations around Hapeville!
Summertime --- Amelia Donlan, Lillie Kline, & Elyse Elliott
Untitled --- Jeffery Loy
Untitled --- Tanya Downin
Skyscape --- Madeleine Evans
LE PPUR CO --- Jacob Ruppel
Spectrum ---- Molly Bates and Kathleen Sherali
Renaissance --- Robert Wiley
Untitled --- Julianne Hardy
Untitled --- Allen Mason
Untitled --- Tanya Downin
Metamorphosis --- Gabriella Smith
Hope --- Katie Ferrero
Untitled --- Tanya Downin
Penelope --- Julia Wener
STAR SPANGLED BUTTERFLY --- Felicity Lloyd-Jones, Jessica Deimier, & Caroline Woodruff
Jigsaw --- Claire Maxwell
Untitled --- Lee Eddie
Wild Thing --- Monika Julien